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Younger The Gelato and The Pube Episode Recap: Recap For Younger Season 4, Episode 8


“Younger” Ep. 408. Sutton Foster and Peter Hermann. Image via TVLand.

Hey, everyone! If you want to refresh your memory about what happened on episode 7, here’s the episode recap. Enjoy!


The Gelato and the Pube: Younger Season 4, Episode 8

At home, Diana (Miriam Shor) reads Marriage Vacation, the full “novel” of Charles’ wife. At the gym, Kelsey (Hillary Duff) and Lauren are reading the book.

At home, Liza (Sutton Foster) and Maggie (Debi Mazar) talk about the book before work. Maggie and Liza hear cock sounds early in the morning. When they go to the roof to check it out, they meet their married gay couple neighbors, who tell them that this is for their restaurant. To thank them for putting up with the noise, they invite them to their restaurant.

At work, it is all they can talk about. When Charles (Peter Hermann) arrives, he talks to Diana, and she advises him to publish it so that he can control the narrative. Charles wonders if lawyers can stop her from publishing the book at all. Liza advises that Charles has dinner with Pauline before lawyers get involved, and tells him that she can watch the kids.

Diana gets a text from her boyfriend Richard that he has a surprise at home waiting for her. When she gets homes, she’s shocked to discover that the “surprise” is his college-aged son lounging on the sofa. She learns that the son, Ethan, is taking a pause from college, even though he has only a semester left. And that his mother is pissed. Richard asks if he can stay with them, and Diana unwillingly agrees.

Charles gets ready to meet Charles’ wife Pauline (Jennifer Westfield). Liza wishes him luck, and he asks her to text him in an hour so that he can leave. He also tells her how grateful that he is in her life.

Pauline starts by apologizing and telling Charles she is not the same woman she was a year ago. Liza texts him as planned, but Charles asks if she can stay for a little while. And texts her again. And again.

Liza is resting on the sofa in the hall when Charles arrives. He is withdrawn and tired, and has already called Liza a car.

In the morning, Diana asks Richard how long the boy would be staying with them.

Kelsey wants to know everything about the dinner – she isn’t sure they just talked. Charles asks to see Liza in his office. He apologizes for his behavior for the other night. He talks about what being a marriage is like, and Liza has to pretend she understands through her imagination. He has decided to publish the book as there is truth to the book. Pauline insisted on working with Millennial, and Liza in particular. Charles tells Liza that he has told Pauline it won’t happen, but Liza says it is okay. When Charles asks if it won’t be too uncomfortable, Liza asks “More uncomfortable than page 58?” And Charles smiles.

Later, Liza and Maggie go to their neighbors’ restaurant and are treated to a nice, long meal- where they talk about Liza’s situation with Charles.

At Josh’s, Josh (Nico Tortorella) and Kelsey talk about their previous failed relationships and tease each other about the other one’s bad choices. Then they go out to a bar.

At the restaurant, Liza and Maggie find out that the owners expect them to pay $500, and are understandably shocked. Later, they find themselves at the same bar as Josh and Kelsey. While getting drinks, Liza talks to the cute Irish bartender Claire, and corrects her assumptions about Josh being a player. When Josh comes, she introduces them and leaves them talk.

Josh and Claire walk together after her shift. They really hit it off, and they only separate so that she can go to her day job as a coder at a video game design company. But not before they kiss. Josh has a massive crush.

The next day for lunch, Liza meets with Charles’ wife about editing her book, and they get off on a good start. Liza tells her how women might not understand her leaving her kids to write the book. She says she wrote the book for her daughters so they don’t get into a marriage and become non-people – in the sense that they carry all the emotional labor. She also confesses to loving Charles.

At her living room at night, Diana goes crazy when she finds her boyfriend’s “fleshlight” –his son’s masturbation device and freaks out, telling him that he will buy her a new couch.

Maggie is cooking chickens for their meal. Josh texts Liza to thank her about introducing him to Claire. Maggie is shocked that Liza seems to be helping the men in her life get with other women. Liza jokes that she will end up like Jane Austen. Angry restaurant owner neighbors knock on the door, demanding to know where their chickens are. Maggie shows them to cooked chicken. They are outraged and attempt to call the police, and Maggie threatens that she will tell the police about their illegal garden on the roof. Before they can answer, she slams the door in their faces. She tells Liza that the chickens are actually from the market; she just had the chickens removed by calling the health department. Liza is impressed.

Diana is at work very early and tells about the son’s masturbation habits to Liza.

Liza goes to Charles’ office. She tells him about how Pauline made a mistake and wants her family back. Charles is adamant that he won’t let her ruin his relationship with Liza. Liza leaves the office with a confused smile.







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