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Younger Fever Pitch Episode Recap: Recap For Younger Season 4, Episode 7

Younger's delicious love triangle: Charles (Peter Hermann), Liza (Sutton Foster) and Josh (Nico Tortorrella).

Younger’s delicious love triangle: Charles (Peter Hermann), Liza (Sutton Foster) and Josh (Nico Tortorrella).


Younger quickly became one of my favorite shows of all time.

It tells the story of Liza Miller, a 40-year-old woman with a college-aged daughter. When her marriage breaks down and she needs to go back to the publishing industry, she quickly learns she is too old for the job. But her artist best friend Maggie comes with an unconventional idea, inspired by the cute 26-year-old Liza met at a bar. He thought she was his age! So why not tell the whole world she is? In deed, after Maggie’s colorful makeover, Liza quickly lands the job of a marketing assistant. She also starts dating the cute 26-year-old from the bar Josh. But now she actually has to keep acting like a millennial. Can she pull off her two lives?

With the very exciting episode 9 coming up, I included a detailed recap of the events of episode. Recap of 8 is on the way. Enjoy!

Episode Recap: Younger Fever Pitch: Season 4, Episode 7

Peter Hermann and Sutton Foster, Younger

Peter Hermann and Sutton Foster, Younger.

Liza goes into Charles’ office to talk about his passionate and accidental confession, and they end up having amazing sex…only for Liza and us to realize it was one hell of a dream.

After Liza tells Maggie about it, Maggie tells her to just get it over with since Liza has obvious feelings for Charles, but Liza is hesitant.

Liza and Kelsey walk to work together with an anxious Kelsey who is still stressed. She is worried she might lose her job after her relationship with the editor – Zane – of a rival publishing house cost them their biggest earner. When Kelsey realizes her options for the day is either going to a pitchfest and listen to horrible pitches or face Charles, she takes Liza’s advice and goes back home, where Lauren has persuaded her to take a little getaway for girls. Josh gets himself invited with his weed.

Liza doesn’t see Charles in the office.

She goes to the pitchfest and listens to weird and indeed horrible pitches, until a woman named Pauline pitches a mature, realistic novel about being a woman who needs to take a vacation from her family after married life stifles her. Liza loves the idea.

During their getaway, Lauren realizes that Josh and Kelsey are attracted to each other, and says their relationship will go down the typical romantic comedy route. Kelsey denies this. But at night, Kelsey and Josh are outside, talking about trusting the wrong people. They share a moment and kiss, but Kelsey stops the kissing, saying it is not crazy but the wrong thing to do.

The same night, Liza sees Charles come into the office. They are the only souls there. She prints out the chapters, mostly as an excuse to talk to him. She goes into his office. She is nervous. She comments on Charles’ uneaten birthday cupcake. She babbles on, and when Charles comments that she seems jumpy, she just kisses him. They start making out, but the passionate session gets interrupted by the janitor. They panic and pretend everything is normal. After the janitor leaves, Charles really looks at the chapters and sees the name. He asks Liza how she got it, and what the woman looked like. Then he shows a picture from his drawer: Pauline is the ex-wife who left him! Charles abruptly leaves saying he has to leave and take care of it.

Liza is at home, lies on her bed. Charles calls, apologizing for his abrupt exit and that Liza got pulled into his family drama. He says some of the stuff that his ex put in the novel is honest. He also says he regrets that they got interrupted, not that it happened. A happy and conflicted Liza texts Pauline asking for more chapters.


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