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You Can’t Stop Rock N’ Roll: 35 Articles on Rock Music


This is the list of all the posts about rock and rockers I have published online so far. The musicians featured includes but is not limited to Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Poison, Kiss, White Lion and more.

Twisted Sister, You Can't Stop Rock N Roll
Twisted Sister, You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll. Image via: Image from:

You can’t stop rocknroll is the title song of the Twisted Sister album You can’t stop rocknroll. Having been an avid rock fan since I was  11, I always loved songs that celebrated my favorite music genre ever. As you grow up, you grow more flexible with music preferences. You can feel more relaxed about genres and that you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to ten years ago. Still, the core remains the same and it is rock n roll. Since it is a way of expression and celebrating life, parties and good fun (you guessed right, I am not exactly a Nirvana fan), I wanted to collect all my rock related posts under one roof post.

The nature of the article varies: Some include videos, lyrics and info, some list fun facts from the colorful world of musicians.

  1. 7 Entertaining Rock Facts: Featuring Kiss, Twisted Sister, Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Idol
  2. 6 Rock Songs That Feature Harmonica: Songs by Poison, U2, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams
  3. 6 Rock Songs on Cheating: 1 Bryan Adams, 4 Bon Jovi and 1 KISS
  4. 6 Fast Bon Jovi Songs That Feature The Word Love
  5. 9 Def Leppard Facts
  6. Bryan Adams’ Dirtiest Songs: 4 Fast and Non-Romantic Songs by Bryan Adams
  7. 7 Interesting Facts About Jon and Bon Jovi
  8. 10 Interesting Facts About Famous Rock Musicians
  9. Vh1’s Top 100 Hard Rock Songs vs.. Your Favorites: A Rock Poll
  10. Seven Cover Songs That Rock
  11. 10 Awesome Metallica Songs- Favorites of a Rock Addict
  12. What Do You Mean You Haven’t Heard of Metallica?
  13. Five Songs You Adore From Musicians You Don’t Normally Care About
  14. 25+ Rocknroll Songs That You Can Dance to
  15. Top Three Cover Songs: Alient Ant Farm, Warrant and Ugly Kid Joe
  16. Fun Rock Poll for Rock Fans
  17. Rock N Roll Mischief: 10 Dirty Rock Songs
  18. Bon Jovi Were Born to be Followed
  19. Jon Bon Jovi Hosts Snl
  20. 2010: Terrible Year for Rock ‘N Roll
  21. 10 Great Rocknroll Songs-All About Sex
  22. Stories Behind Songs
  23. Inspiration to Get Your Ass in Gear When You are Working to Reach Your Dreams
  24. 3 Movies, 3 Rocker Portrayals: The Crow, The Doors and Rent
  25. DEF LEPPARD: oh, yeah!!!
  26. Roxette Swedish Pop-Rock
  27. White Lion: It’s ok if your date loves Mike Tramp more than you…
  28. Guns N’ Roses
  30. Look what the cat dragged in: POISON
  31. Rock to get over break-ups
  32. Good Morning, Mr. Tyler. Going Down?: On everything Aerosmith
  33. 4 Good Movies with Awesome Soundtracks: Shoot ‘em up, Jerry Maguire, Reality Bites and Vanilla Sky
  34. BodyRockers Album Review: BodyRockers
  35. Alice Cooper Album Review: Thrash

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