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White Lion: It's ok if your date loves Mike Tramp more than you…


-Sweetie,it is OK if you love my Mike Tramp more than you love me…

Mike Tramp

Mike Tramp

A couple of years ago, I finally had the chance to see White Lion live.I always liked them- and yes,just like most of the world I had become a fan with “When the children cry”. I love that song. So the song was followed by the quest for all the albums White Lion. And although I will always love Def Leppard or Whitesnake or Bon Jovi more; I was forever grateful for the chance of having seen these guys live.The quote above belongs to my high school mate/ the boyfriend of close friend.The three of us went together and fell in love with the show.I am the ultimate glam metal (whatever tag you give it-The genre that includes KISS and Poison and get the point ; ) fan and the other girl adored White Lion and appreciated the whole genre.We practically had to drag her boyfriend/my friend who later said he was in love with the band/and of course Mike Tramp too.

The classics were sung and it was a hell of a concert. Although,there was a point where Mike Tramp kinda made me laugh. You see he was kinda full himself and made fun of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi-in the sense that they were glam-rockers.And what kind of does White Lion do exactly?They do carry elements of hard rock and such but then so does Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. Does Mike remember how his band looked in the 80s? Here’s a little reminder:

White Lion.Not glam-rocky at all :p

White Lion.Not glam-rocky at all :p

So glam bands wore make-up and wore tights and shit! Who cares? They rocked! They made fun songs and put on great shows.Even band members themselves are kind of embrassed of their period.Jon Bon Jovi actually avoids watching any of their 80s videos at all costs.And who can blame him.Leopard tights???Black leather pants with white sneakers??? (Look at guitarist Richie Sambora, for instance-In&out of love video). But come on!! At least they don’t go bashing other bands for it.And mind you; Mike tramp was wearing a tight pink t-shirt on the stage-which is not exactly very hard rock either. But we do love him.He’s a great front-man and the band is great.And they do have what it takes to impress even the glam-rock haters…

Haven’t seen them live yet? You sure are missing a lot.

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