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Tumbledown Review: Tumbledown starring Rebecca Hall, Jason Suedekis and Joe Manganiello

Tumbledown starring Rebecca Hall and Jason Suedekis

Tumbledown starring Rebecca Hall and Jason Suedekis. Image via Amazon.

Writer Hannah (Rebecca Hall)’s world comes tumbling down – pun intended- when her musician husband and the love of her life, Hunter, dies. A legend in the making, his death draws many to his grave, allowing her to continue her grief.

New York writer/university lecturer Andrew (Jason Suedekis) is one of his fans, and he wants to write a book about him. But when he makes his intentions clear in the small town where Becky lives, she is more than a little hostile. She doesn’t want his memories distorted, and she wants to write his biography herself.

As Andrew is about to give up, however, the feedback she receives from her boss/friend/mentor Upton (Griffin Dunne) makes her reconsider working with him.

As the two begin work on her own terms, they get along better than either thought was possible. As understanding and attraction form between them, we start wondering if Becky will want to live in the present again.


Tumbledown is a sweet drama with enough comedy and romance to keep it realistic yet lighthearted enough.

Both characters walk a fine line between being likeable and unlikeable, but for the most part, we like them just enough to follow their journeys.

Tumbledown was written by Desi van Til, Desiree Van Til and Sean MewShaw. Directed by Sean Mewshaw in 2015.


Favorite scene

-When Hannah leaves Andrew home to go interview a local woman, he gets the dogs out, locks the doors and snoops around the stuff Hannah hasn’t shown him. As he hears Hannah’s car, he rushes out in a T-shirt, trying to get the dogs in, falls down in the snow and freezes his ass off. He also gets locked out.

Fun notes:

Joe Manganiello plays local, “real man” Curtis, with an ever-present crush for Hannah.


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