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The Guardian TV Show starring Simon Baker

The Guaridan TV Show Cast: Dabney Coleman, Simon Baker, Alan Rosenberg

The Guaridan TV Show Cast: (from left) Dabney Coleman, Simon Baker, Alan Rosenberg. Created by David Hollander.

Nick Fallin (Simon Baker) is a corporate lawyer, working for his father (Dabney Coleman)’s company and hasn’t been to court. When he gets sentenced to 1500 of community service due to drug use, he finds himself working to advocate children whose parents, siblings and/or relatives are criminals. He is expected to listen to these kids, and advice the best option to the court- even though he might feel differently than the Social Service workers.

Nick’s job is really challenging, as his father isn’t about to favor him or cut him some slack. He needs to put in the hours if he wants to make partner and balancing his demanding community service requirements isn’t exactly a walk in the park, as Nick can’t help but getting emotionally involved with the kids he is trying to help out. So he sometimes makes corporate cases of his community cases, trying to both remain a successful partner candidate and not giving up on what he believes to be right.

Nick is a likeable character. He is flawed but he is just as arrogant yet humane as the next guy. He is smart and practical, but he is also emotional. He does his best to succeed in the both worlds he finds himself committed to. It is not always easy when neither his father nor his second boss (Alan Rosenberg) always trust Nick’ gut…

The Guardian is an intriguing drama that is bound to satisfy the fans of legal dramas and Simon Baker fans. However if you want your dramas with thrilling aspects and entertaining one-liners, as well as with more original characters, you might enjoy Simon’s current series The Mentalist a bit more.

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