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The Following 1×02 Chapter Two Review: Still cool, and yes, Hardy Needs to Toughen Up. But how?


With the haters hating and lovers loving, The Following has scored over 10,000,000 viewers and if Fox keeps its word of one episode every week, we will be in for a treat. And with luck, second season or not, we will get a cool ending, since Bacon has only signed for one season.

Kevin Bacon-The Following

Kevin Bacon finds creepy Poe masks in Emma’s old place. Yes, he is weirded out like us. Image via

Episode 2 wasn’t as thrilling as 1, but it was gritty, dynamic and it set a nice little background for what’s more to come. My only problem was that there was too much background for Emma, the babysitter. What I didn’t like about it was that she was so gullible and readily so disturbed that Carroll didn’t even have to remove a finger to impress her.

This has a pro and a con: It shows how it is possible that Carroll (James Purefoy) has such a devoted cult. Many were already ready and willing. The con? We are supposed to believe Carroll is one charismatic and influential psychopath path, but if groupies are groupies without any effort from him, it makes the followers psychotic but it doesn’t add to the hype of the character they are building.

As for Hardy (Kevin Bacon) needing to toughen up, I have to agree with Carroll there. Now, Hardy was never a sissy- and the fact that Grace died isn’t his fault. The bureau is still full of idiots that don’t listen to him.  They are getting a little wiser, but Hardy does still need to up his game. For one, Carroll has an army of young and fit psychopaths. But he expects this to happen with Hardy’s heart, something he gave Hardy in the first place, is beyond me. Maybe we should call Tony Stark about that…

I do like the conflicts between the trio, Emma and the two non-gay neighbors. One of the guys is dating her while the other resents her. And I do have a feeling the resenting one does have bi tendencies, to say the least. I’d enjoy it if he took down Emma.

I also like the cult-expert agent, played by Person of Interest’s Stanton, Reese’s former CIA partner, Annie Parisse. She is cool, and whether she turns out to be a mole or not, she is a good addition.

As for Claire (Natalie Zea), Carroll’s ex, I loved the dialogue where Carroll asks whether she quivered with Hardy’s every touch and she says “yeah, it did.” Need I mention Hardy was watching along with other FBI agents and Carroll knowing this?

The only 2 things that will make me hate The Following:

Claire or Hardy turning out to be on Carroll’s side. It’d be the equivalent of Patrick Jane turning out to be Red John, and it is a big no-no. Other than that, Williamson can bring it on!


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