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The Disappearance of Alice Creed Review: A Fun, Low Budget Kidnapping Thriller

the disappearance of alice creed

The Disappearance of Alice Creed movie poster. Movie stars Gemma Arterton. Image via

For a movie junkie, nothing quite beats the feeling of delaying sleep because you don’t want to take a break from what you’re watching.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed was one fun ride. But of course, expectedly from a kidnapping plot, it had its uncomfortable and disturbing moments.

Let’s go over the plot for this British flick:

Two ex-convicts, Vic (Eddie Marsan) and Danny (Martin Compston), kidnap Alice (Gemma Atterton) – the daughter of a rich guy – after some very thorough planning. They bring her to the secure location, lock her up and make sure she doesn’t have any opportunities to escape.

And while a two-man team has its advantages, it presents a set of weak points, especially when kidnapper Danny seems to be attracted to the beautiful victim. And while we think we know what’s gonna happen from the trailer (and our vast experience of watching kidnapping movies), we’re still in for a couple of surprising (and enjoyable) twists.

Sure, the movie doesn’t provide answers to every question the twists cause, but it does entertain from the first point to the next.

The ending is also satisfactory though a different outcome wouldn’t have disappointed either. Let’s say the ending is the least surprising part.

Written and directed by J. Blakeson, this 2009 flick is also a great study for screenwriters and filmmakers who want to write a solid low-budget action/thriller.

Now that I’ve offered my non-spoiling two cents about the film, let’s move to the fun bit for those who have seen the movie or just don’t mind spoilers:

The Kidnapper and Victim Mistakes from The Movie

  • Kidnapping someone one of them is attracted to. Sure, the other one isn’t even aware this is a possibility, but why take the risk of potentially thinking with your you know what?
  • Kidnapping an ex. Again, Vic doesn’t know this is even possible. But how dumb could Danny get?
  • Kidnapping with someone they’re intimate with. No explanation necessary. 😀
  • Humiliating the victim for more than necessary. Sure, she will hate you and fear you, but were the naked pictures and peeing without a bathroom really necessary? They made their plans easier, only for the short run. Danny’s plan B backfired because of the extra humiliation factor too.
  • Not trying to go all Liam Neeson when you’re kidnapped instead of kicking and screaming for no good. You know, count. Just count so that you can give the police an estimate of where you are.
  • Say who kidnapped you, for crying out loud! Again, it would make their job easier, and in this case, possible. You know the dude’s identity, and the name of the other one!
  • Don’t piss the kidnappers off. Sure, you can inflict a second of pain and irritation, but it’s not really worth it, and it will come back to bite you in so many ways.
  • Make them throw the key to you. Always make them keep the distance.


Have you seen The Disappearance of Alice Creed? What did you think? What are some of your kidnapping-plotted movies?



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