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The Boys are Back starring Clive Owen

The Boys are Back- Clive Owen

The Boys are Back stars Clive Owen. No, he does not hold a gun throughout the entire movie. Refreshing and beautiful gem of a film.

Joe Warr is a successful sports writer. He lives in Australia with a wife that he adores and a little son he really loves. So his whole world comes crashing down when he loses his wife to cancer. He has to deal with his wife’s death, help his son cope with his mother’s absence and juggle his work and family relationships…And just when he think he is getting the hang of it through trial and error, his older son from his previous marriage decides to come for a visit. He is a 15-year-old teenager who blames Joe for leaving. Patching things up with him won’t be easy. And it is another problem that the brothers seem to be getting attached to each other. What the hell is Joe going to do when his older son goes back to England?

The movie is just so beautiful, heart-breaking, fun and moving. It touches you, makes you smile and gives a lot to think about. Clive Owen magnificently portrays the lovable yet flawed Joe. Just when you think that you get him, his actions and reactions baffles you. When his past proves disappointing compared to his present, you still find yourself forgiving him. The movie is based on a memoir by Simon Carr so every bit of is real. If you expect another Clive Owen movie with guns, running and breath-taking action, you are in for a big surprise. This is a wonderfully humane story- full of ups & downs and rich with both external and internal conflicts.

This time it is art imitating life and it has done a great job. The scenery is also amazing. The movie made me fall in love with Australia all over again. Wild-life surrounding Joe’s house is just as wonderful as the rest of the movie.


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