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Teen wolf starring Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien & Colton Haynes: Good Supernatural Fun with Horrible Effects

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Teen Wolf Premise

High school student Scott (Tyler Posey) lives a normal life. He is a mediocre lacrosse player, lives with his divorced mother and works part-time at the veterinarian clinic.

His life completely changes, first for the better, when he gets bitten by a wolf-like creature one night. He starts hearing better, moving faster and not needing his asthma inhaler.

He makes it to the lacrosse team, to the disgust of the team captain/star player/popular kid Jackson (Colton Haynes). Then he also attracts the new girl Allison (Crystal Reed), who he is also instantly attracted to.

But of course there is a catch, and he soon starts to realize it will be a bit of a nightmare, stuff like shifting during extreme rage or excitement, fellow werewolf Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) who doesn’t leave him alone and to finding out that Crystal’s father (JR Bourne) is a werewolf hunter. Ouch…


Teen Wolf: Fun Story, Horrible Effects, Good Cast, Enjoyable Show

Men, they grow up fast. It seems like yesterday that I was watching Maid in Manhattan (it had Ralph Fiennes, don’t judge) and Tyler Posey was playing Jennifer Lopez’ adorable little son. It was 2002, and Tyler was around 11.

9 years later, he started starting as decent, albeit not popular, high school student Scott in Teen Wolf – where he would of course be bitten in the first episode and slowly turn into a werewolf with cool abilities.

I didn’t pay much attention to Teen Wolf when it first came out because my supernatural plate was full at the time (Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Being Human). And being a bit of 80s-90s geek (and a huge Michael J. Fox fan), I didn’t have time or the curiosity for the next teen wolf.

But then came the summer of 2013, with all my favorite winter shows on hiatus and the cool summer shows Perception, Under the Dome and The Bridge only airing weekly, I needed some constant entertainment when I was home but yet to tired to write.

So I gave it a go, and I was pleasantly surprised- because its comedic relief, mostly played Dylan O’ Brien – who plays best friend Stiles, is thoroughly hilarious.  I also love how he knows everything from the start, gets into full research mood and tries his best to help him adjust.

However be warned, the effects are truly horrendous. I don’t know about if it’s because they lack the budget, or they chose this route for comedic effect but I cringe when they turn into werewolves. They look more like hairy, ugly elves and I really wish they got a visit from Rick Baker (the 7-Oscared make-up artist of Wolf. And even in 1994, the make-up of our werewolves was better.)

Derek Hale, played by the charismatic Tyler Hoechlin, is a lot more menacing when he is in human form.


All it’s harmless fun. Currently rated at 7.2 on IMDB by over 30,000 users. It’s currently in its third season.


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