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Soldier’s Girl: A Haunting True Story starring Lee Pace and Troy Garity

Soldier's Girl (2003)

Soldier's Girl (2003) starring Lee Pace and Troy Garity. It is haunting, disturbing, tragic andf beautiful. Well, the love is beautiful. The rest wish it never happened. Photo:

Barry Winchell (Troy Garity) is a young soldier just transferred to airborne infantry. Calpernia Adams (Lee Pace) is a transsexual nightclub performer.

Their paths cross when Barry’s roommate Fisher (Shawn Hatosy) takes his gang out to this club, supposedly on a test of manhood. While everyone enjoys Fisher’s crude behavior to a certain extent, Barry is embarrassed by it.  Moreover he seems fascinated by her. It seems like Fisher is a regular in the club yet he is referring to the performers as freaks. Barry, on the other hand, seems genuinely taken by Calpernia and starts dating her.  It takes a while for Barry to get rid of the shock himself but he realizes he is happy so he just tries to keep his private life secret. However Fisher seems bothered by the fact Barry is spending less and less time with him and the gang. It seems like Fisher is not as “straight” and as “butch” as he wants everyone to think. His behavior gets out of control and he finds a great way to make Barry’s life hell, especially when a young and impressionable kid joins their infantry…


Why you should see it:

* This is a haunting and tragic true story.

* The acting is fantastic. Both Troy Garity and Lee Pace were nominated for Golden Globes in 2003 for their roles. Why they didn’t win is beyond me, especially Lee Pace. If you have seen him in any other movie (Possession, The Fall, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day) or in the TV show Pushing Daisies, you will know what I am talking about.  We are talking about a tall, well-built, masculine actor who has completely transformed himself. Sure make-up helps, but the moves are all his.

Fun fact: The Fall’s director Tarsem Singh saw Soldier’s Girl and decided he wanted Lee Pace for the role of Roy Walker. Nope, there is nothing feminine about the Roy character. However Tarsem wanted to make sure Lee was a guy. You can watch the fun interview here.

You can also check how Lee is in character during Soldier’s Girl interview on set:

8.0 on IMDB. Fair enough. 10/10 for everyone involved, especially Troy and Pace.

A note: real Carpelia Adams was on the set as a consultant.

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5 Responses to “Soldier’s Girl: A Haunting True Story starring Lee Pace and Troy Garity”

  1. Sophie says:

    One of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. This “small” film for television has the mark of a great work, able to leave a deep impression in the viewer. The sheer skill of the players is by standing ovation. The story incredibly painful and delicate to be addressed was told with absolute mastery by an Oscar-winning director. Frank Pierson has directed the actors so sublime even in the most explicit scenes because even less open minds will see only love. Romantic, passionate, troubled, sensitive, sensual, intimate and poignant love. Rarely, I was so impressed and unable to forget. Troy Garity moves with innocence and the absolute strength. Shawn Hatosy displaces with the incredible ability to manage the ambiguity of his character. Lee Pace is magnificent! The elegant, dignified and sensual charm that he gave his character leaves completely speechless. This is a film that should be shown in schools, to educate, to open hearts and minds or simply to see something really beautiful.

  2. zoey says:

    This movie is indeed incredibly special. I seriously can’t understand why it doesn’t have Oscars. What was so special about George Clooney’s Up in the Air performance that he got nominated this year, for instance? I mean really. Good film but not special.
    Both Troy and Lee should have gotten nominations for this one, at least. But then again, I have no idea what the academy bases the decisions on.

    Thanks for the comment. I couldn’t agree more with how sensual Lee was…I also love the contrast between his interviews.

  3. Sophie says:

    From what I’ve read that year competed among others Angels in America. Soldier’s Girl has been noted, there is no doubt about this, but the topic was really “uncomfortable” and uninteresting compared to the scourge of AIDS in the early ’90s (I think the story takes place in those years). AIDS was really an unknown and frightening monster as the boogeyman of children’s fables. Indeed Angels in America won that year. There was no hope for a small film that tells a personal and awkward story. This is regrettable in showbuisness, small jewels often give way to more choral works. Angels in America was certainly a well done job but I have not found the poignant charm that there was in Soldier’s Girl.

  4. zoey says:

    Maybe I should give it a try. But whenever I don’t agree with big awards (like the oscars), I just think about what Edward Norton said once in an interview. He said that Oscars- and other awards shows- are not about the actors. That there is no actual rivalry between the actors. That every working is actor is lucky to be where they are because it is so hard to be a sought-after actor and having the privilege to be able to choose scripts. And I loved his remark. Politics get in the way of shows too often. So what are the films you wish were given the academy award to or at least been nominated?

  5. Sophie says:

    Well politics is everywhere. I don’t think there is real competition between the players but the fact that there are so many already in itself creates competition. Only the lucky ones are able to reach the most beautiful scripts, but others must have the courage to refuse objectively ugly things. It’s not easy, I know. I wondered if our Lee Pace is really unlucky or impatient because in last two films released he appears just for a minute. It’s almost scandalous. And the next upcoming movie is one of those insane things with talking animals… I don’t know what to think. I hate waste in every area and there seems to be thrown away a valuable talent.
    I’m not very up to date on the latest movies that were in the running for Oscars. So I can’t say which I would have liked to win. I have not seen even Up in the Air, but very often I disagree with the awards. I really liked The Hurt Locker. In this case they have chosen well.

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