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Sex and The City The Movie (2008) starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall and Kristin Davis

Sex and The City movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis

Sex and The City movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Image:

I saw this really bad review on IMDB. I had already seen the movie and enjoyed it so the review realy caught me off guard. Sure, you don’t have to like the movie but this viewer had given it the lowest score possible, called it thrash and named the characters selfish, self-absorbed, superficial and so on. My first question was: Was this viewer a male? While I have some male friends who liked Sex and The City as TV series, the majority of the show’s audience is female. After all, the show is about 4 girls’ sexapades, friendships and romantic experiences while they hang out at New York’s poshest places and spend a fortune on their clothes. Now, while the show may not be a deep one and can’t relate to all women, it sure as hell appealed to strong, independent career women who were like these 4 or who just wanted to be like them. So I wondered if the viewer had seen this really original and daring show at all.

Talking about a strictly movie perspective, I may not have exactly fallen in love with the movie. 4 characters’ love lives, occasional work trouble and their friendships is not every screenwriter’s dream script. However, I am not just a girl who stumbled on this movie. I am a fan of the show who loved and watched all 6 seasons of the shows and identified at least some characteristics of the characters.

If you are interested in the back story or trivia, you can visit the show’s profile page.  Here I will tell where each character ended up:

*Sex and The City is originally a best-selling book written by Candace Bushnell. The show tells the story of Samantha (Kim Catrall)- a totally promiscuous, sexually adventurous man-eater who is also a successful career women running her PR company. She has no limits or reservations. And while she couldn’t have cared less about family, kids and other traditional expectations, she eventually fell in love with young actor Smith (Jason Lewis).

* Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is every feminist’s and cynic’s nightmare: She dreamed of the big white dress, the fairy-tale wedding and the perfect husband. And while most women could understand her romantic fantasies, even her best friends were amazed as Charlotte left her art career to stay at home and work at a family. They were even more fazed when she changed her religion because the love of her life (Harry- played by Evan Handler) said he couldn’t marry a non-Jew. So she changed it and married Harry. And since they couldn’t have children,they adopted a Chinese baby.

* Successful, and cynical lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) finally married her on and off boyfriend and the father of her baby/bartender Steve (David Eigenberg). And even if it killed her to leave Manhattan, she moved to Brooklyn so that her kid could grow up in a nice house with a garden instead of a small apartment.

*And the show’s leading character/narrator/writer of her own newspaper column Sex and The City/author of bestselling books/ shoe-addict Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) finally married the love of her live John, a.k.a Big (Chris Noth). After a very turbulent love affair that took many levels and forms, trials of friendships and break-ups, Carrie and Big finally got together for good.

  • Carrie and Big decide to move in together and buy the dream house. They even decide to take it to the next level and get married. Her career is also on the rise as she is working on her third book. It is time to say good-bye to her flat and plan a wedding. As Charlotte “lends” Carrie her friend/wedding planner, Carrie get carried away with all the glamorous ideas. And to Big’s concern, she wants him as involved and excited as she is. However Big is older than Carrie’s 40 years and he has been married twice before. And nothing would make him happier than just to go to the city hall to get married.
  • Samantha has moved in with Smith (Jason Lewis). He has finally got the fame and the career he craved for so Samantha has moved to Los Angeles with him, also working as his PR manager. And while Smith is gorgeous, thoughtful and nice, his primary concern is to make his career successful and permanent. And Samantha is homesick. Big time. She misses New York, her regular hang-outs with her three best-friends and she is missing the good old days when she wasn’t in a relationship. It doesn’t help that Smith is away a lot and her next-door neighbor is a hunk whose sex life sees as much action as Samantha’s used to have.
  • Charlotte is still blissfully happy with her husband, adopted daughter Lily  and beautiful little dogs. In fact she is so happy and her life is so perfect, it’s scaring her.
  • Miranda’s world comes crashing down when Steve admits that he has cheated on Miranda. She doesn’t care that it has happened only once. She doesn’t forgive Steve and taking their kid Brady, she moves back to New York.

Carrie’s life comes chrashing down when Big leaves her alone right before the altar. Even though he tries to make up for it, this disappointment is too much for Carrie. So the story follows as the girls try to balance their lives with trying to get Carrie back to life. Can she handle being without Big? Can Big survive without Carrie? Can Miranda ever forgive Steve? Can Samantha ever get used to living in L.A?

As I said, if you look at the screenplay alone and not the TV show, the story might seem like plain and ordinary that happens to be set in glorious settings. However, for a lot of fans of the show, the movie gives more time with the characters that we never wanted to say goodbye to in the first place. We wanted to see if  a-happily-ever after was possible for Carrie and Big. It was fun watching Samantha as she turned into a ticking bomb, trying to keep her sexual appetite under control. It also took years for Steve to make Miranda to believe in love, them as a couple and in him as an individual. Miranda screwed up many more times than Steve did during the course of the show. For the first time, Steve screwed up big time.  And Charlotte still is as tuned to her friends’ lives and problems as always.

The magic of the show lied in New York, Carrie’s wardrobe, her weekly columns, the adventures of tall/dark/handsome charm of Big, the perfect one-liners and much more. Sure, Carrie spends more money on shoes than any woman should (I mean $500/a pair? Seriously!) and she probably loves Loui Vitton or Manola Blahnik as much she loves Big…Charlotte is way too traditional and family-oriented. And Samantha? As much as girls do tend to talk about their sex lives in detail, I am not sure how many women go as explicit and vulgar as Samantha.

But these characters worked.  The chemistry was good, the jokes were good. The situations were all too familiar among most modern single women, not just New Yorkers. The supporting cast did a marvelous job and the shown was like a really cool fashion statement. I am a week away from seeing the second installment. And I am looking forward to it. Remember,Sex and City has three lead roles: The 4 girls,sex and New York. And we love that combination.

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