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My Favorite Movie Proposal: Braveheart – William Wallace to Murron:

Braveheart movie poster, Braveheart starring Mel Gibson

Braveheart movie poster, Braveheart starring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau & Catherine McCormack. Image via

Of all the movies that I have seen, my favorite proposal in a movie remains Braveheart. Yes, Braveheart is my favorite movie ever and there are hardly any scenes I don’t enjoy (except for the ones where Bruce talks to his sick father. The man gives me the creeps- looks and personality wise).

But I am a big fan of Randal Wallace, just because he wrote Braveheart and I’m willing to forgive him for Titanic (I just didn’t like that movie.) The dialogue is smart, touching, inspiring, sad, romantic and funny -combinations depending on the character and the scene.

The Background

The scene will probably mean more to you if you’ve seen and liked the film. But even if you haven’t, I’ll give you all the crucial details so that you can enjoy it more. And this is not a spoiler. The catalyst of Wallace’s quest for freedom will start a little later anyway.

The 13th Centrury, Scotland

Scotland is under the rule of England. King Longshanks is ruthless, and he enjoys the suffering he inflicts on the Scottish.

Wallace is a young boy with a loving father and older brother. He’s not yet old enough to join them in their battle to get their freedom, but his father isn’t willing to put his life at risk. When they are trapped by the English and killed along with other Scottish men, Wallace is naturally filled with a desire to take his revenge. But a distant uncle (Brian Cox) arrives at the funeral, and he explains to him that a man’s strength doesn’t lie in his sword but in his brain. Wallace is to go with him.

This is one of the significant events that is about to make Wallace the smart and strong man that he’ll become. The second event that will shape the rest of his life is a little girl named Murron who sees how sad Wallace is, and she picks up a beautiful purple flower that she sees, and runs to him and gives it to him. Neither of them says anything, but share a moment. Then she runs back to her parents.

Flash-forward many years, and Wallace (Mel Gibson) returns to his village, as it is where he belongs. Raised and trained by his uncle, he has fought in many battles. He has seen the world, learned French and Latin and has become a very good warrior who can outsmart any enemy.

However his desire for revenge has been replaced by a desire to live happily and peacefully in his home town, raising a family.

When he arrives, he goes to a wedding where Murron is. (Catherine Mccormack).  Before he can get to her, he is challenged for a fight by his old friend Hamish (Brendan Gleeson)– who doesn’t recognize him. However while Hamish fails to beat Wallace despite his size and strength, Wallace manages to knock him down with a strategic throw of a little stone. This makes them realize that it is Wallace, and he is welcomed back. Even though the wedding is interrupted by a horrible intervention by English lords who take the bride away- as it is their “right. “

Wallace doesn’t lose any time in courting Muron and impressing her with his charm, knowledge and sense of humor. But it is what Wallace gives to her end of the end of their first “date” together that totally wins her heart. He has kept the flower all she gave him all those years ago and gives it to her.


Catherine McCormack (Murron) and Mel Gibson (William Wallace) image via

During another day together, this is how he starts his proposal:

Braveheart Proposal Scene : Witty, romantic, sweet & original

Wallace: Of course running a farm is a lot of work but that’ll all change when my two sons arrive.

Murron: (taken aback) So you have got children?

Wallace: Not yet, but I was hoping you could help me with that.

Murron: So you want me to marry you then?

Wallace: (smiling) That’s a bit sudden but alright.

Murron: (amused) Is that what you call a proposal?

Wallace: I love you. Always have. I  want to marry you.

They kiss.

Wallace: Is that a yes?

Murron: That’s a yes.

They kiss.


They get married in secret, have their wedding night in secret. But even though they could hide their marriage, they can’t hide their happiness, and I don’t want to recount what happens next.


Why I love the proposal:

It’s romantic, heartfelt, original, sincere- led to by a sweet sense of humor. It i so romantic , surrounded by the gorgeous Scottish nature and it kinda makes you feel like you wouldn’t minmd living in that century if you could love and be loved like that, by someone like that.

OK, obviously reality sets in after the movie but the important thing is that the movie- not specific to that scene takes you into that time, that world and makes you forget that it is a movie. That it is fiction, just accompanied by historical facts and real characters –Wallace being the Scottish hero.)

I love everything about this movie. If you haven’t seen it, remember that a movie rarely scores well both with the oscars and box office, fans and critics. And the director/producer/starring actor is hardly ever the same guy (in this case Mel Gibson) – and he/she doesnt usually put $60 million dollars from their own money when the studio doesn’t finance fully.

Rated at 8.4. on IMDB, has been on the top 250 for a very long time and it has been rated by nearly 360.000 people. It has won 5 Oscars, been nominated for 5 more. Mel Gibson received Best Director and Best Film.


How do you like the proposal scene? What do you feel about Braveheart?

And what is your favorite movie proposal ever?



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