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Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode

Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode

Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode

American Anna (Amy Adams) has a profitable career in “staging homes” for the real estate agents and she is really good at it. She’s also in a 4-year relationship with her cardiologist boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott). They are candidates to live in her dream apartment so things just seem perfect.

However when Jeremy fails to propose at the expected moment, Anna  gets inspired by the idea she gets from her loving but unreliable father (John Lithgow): she’ll honor the Irish Leap Year tradition and will go to Dublin- where Jeremy will be attending a medical conference- and propose to him.

But awful weather conditions land her in a remote town in Ireland, where she will need to persuade the unwilling bartender/motel owner Declan (Matthew Goode) –who of course is young and really attractive in a scruffy way.

Monetary issues for Declan to drive her. But everything that can go wrong on the way does-including a growing attraction between the two seemingly opposite strangers.

Is there a chance that Declan is the one instead of Jeremy? And can they figure out they feelings  until it is time to part in Dublin?

I know the three words you’re thinking: typical romantic comedy. And you are right. I am not saying to bash the movie, it is a fact. However it is a perfectly enjoyable experience for those in the target audience- romantic (mostly)females who love a good romcom escapism (which I am a part of) it.

It also helps it when you like the leads and I really enjoy watching both Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.

Yeah, it is full of clichés and it is highly unbelievable that they can fall for each other in a couple of days and decide to pursue it. But then again, it is precisely for these clichés that we watch romcoms.  And frankly Declan, to me, is the perfect fantasy male. He is ruggedly good-looking, has a good sense of humor, isn’t materialistic and is actually really romantic. And Irish countryside is always a plus (for watching in the films).

Yes, there are no surprises in this film. It is simple, ordinary and entirely predictable. But it is also a good genre example. Watch it if you are not allergic to romcoms. I had fun. My only complaint is that John  Lithgow has such a small role.

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2 Responses to “Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode”

  1. pelin says:

    i really loved that movie, although declan’s irish accent is hard to understand.
    think he is not very handsome but he is sweet.normally I dont believe that kind of supersitious thing but it was a fun idea.
    and the situation of the weather shows what is going to happen. their adventure to dublin is very funny.also, the ending of is very romantic.the sunset ,our couple, a cliff and a proposal.unbelievable atmosphere…

  2. zoey says:

    Ha ha. I am used to the Irish accent by now but yeah, you are right – it is tough to adjust to that at first:) You don’t think Declan is handsome? I kinda think he is a babe- in that ruggedly handsome sort of way. But I always had a little thing for Matthew Goode:

    It is unbeliavable and unrealistic but it is- as you said- romantic and sweet – and which is why we watch romcoms in the first place:)

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