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I Am Number Four starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer & Dianna Agron



I Am Number Four starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron & Teresa Palmer

I Am Number Four starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron & Teresa Palmer

John (Alex Pettyfer) looks like your high school popular kid, however he is anything but.  He lives with Henri (Timothy Olyphant),  a warrior assigned to protect him. They are both from another planet.  Unfortunately, a viloent race from another planet, The Mogadorians , have wiped out John’ race, except from a few gifted kids with special powers. These kids have been sent to Earth, along with their protectors. Unfortunately, Mogadorians have been able to track and kill three of these kids. John is next.

So Henri takes him to a small Ohio town called Paradise, where he feels it will be easier to stay off the grid. Despite Henri’s objections, John decides to go to the local high school. But being invisible will be harder than he imagined as he meets and falls for the pretty Sarah (Dianna Agron) who enjoys seeing the world through her photographs. Then there is Sam (Callan McAuliffe) , a nice kid who keeps being bullied around by the gang of popular kids (jocks), led by Mark (Jake Abel). It doesn’t help matters that Mark is still not over Sarah.Despite what his common sense tells him, John keeps hanging around Sarah and protecting Sam. In the meantime, Mogadorians are getting closer. Fortunately, John’s discovering that he is a lot stronger than he thinks…


I Am Number Four delivers what it promises:  good entertainment. It has all the typical, yet required elements: Lots of action and special effects (although I could have done without the gigantic monsters fighting around), charismatic actors (hello, Timothy Olyphant!), funny one-liners, a couple to root for, the likable sidekick, the likeable hero, bullies, the villains and a kick-ass female character (Teresa Palmer), who shows up just in time to help save the day. Nothing extraordinary, but plain fun.

I like the relationship between Henri and John. They are like father and son (with special skills who are being hunted by villainous creatures, but like father and son all the same). John, in many ways, is a typical teen- despite the dangers, he still wants to live his life. And he likes not doing what John tells him to do. John’s primary concern is to live his life, whereas Henri makes sure John has a life to live.

Full of action, romance and attitude, a movie doesn’t get more unisex than this.  Based on the novel by the same name (written by Jobie Hughes (as Pittacus Lore) & James Frey (as Pittacus Lore). Directed by D.J. Caruso. Produced by Michael Bay.

Favorite Scenes:

–          John having to use his skills at the carnival.

–          John and number 6 (Teresa Palmer) fighting together.

Fun notes:

–          Mark, played by Jake Abel, is no stranger to Supernatural fans as he played Adam in Supernatural.


–          The cast is pretty international. Teresa Palmer and Callan McAuliffe are Australian, Alex Pettyfer is English and Timothy Olyphant is American.

Entertainment Value: 8/10.

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