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Holy Crap Paul Walker Died!


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I hate the fact that I had to write this post, but I couldn’t not write it. I really, really liked Paul Walker. I know as fans we didn’t really know him and all that. But some celebrities are appreciated more than others. To me, Walker was one of the much better ones.

I loved how he transformed his career from a regular soap opera gig to action stardom but didn’t neglect to put some less box-office friendly but seriously engaging films in between.

I loved how he had this humble attitude about him despite how traditionally good-looking he was. I loved that he didn’t shove his private life down our throats. I love I had no idea who he was dating when.

I love fast cars and fast action movies, but I never thought I’d sit through several action movies with fast cars and not get bored for a second. Yeah, there were plots, but I don’t remember much of it. Just that it was fast, furious and I had one hell of a good time during all.

I was looking forward to Hours, where he plays a dad trying to save his daughter despite all odds in an unlikely action/drama. I’ll still see it of course, but with a bit of heavy heart.

Now, it’s always sad when someone dies young. And to me, 40 is young. It’s young enough for a lot of things, and but it is damn too young to die. It’s sadder when you weren’t expecting it. He wasn’t sick, old, depressed and as far as I knew, not abusing any sort of thing. So the surprise element is huge.

My favorite Walker films are Timeline, The Death and Life of Bobby Z and my absolute favorite, The Lazarus Project. They might not be the most logical, but they had great casts, engaging plots and high level entertainment, though The Lazarus Project had a deeper, more psychological aspect.

So what can I say? I wish he didn’t die. Now all we can do is remember, feel sad and if there’s an afterlife, hope that he is already having a good time. From what I saw, he deserved it.

RIP, Paul Walker.






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5 Responses to “Holy Crap Paul Walker Died!”

  1. I am devastated about this terrible news!

    Paul was unique….a very nice and simple guy; the marring-type of man. Absolutely gorgeous’ but never bragging about it. … I was looking forward to Hours too and I’m still going to see it.

    What a shame, what a terrible loss!!! I am going to miss him desperately!!!

  2. zoey says:

    Same, here, Patricia..

  3. sorry about the typo: Marrying-type.

    I am going to buy The Lazarus Project (DVD).

    Excellent tribute, Pinar! Very well written. He deserves it. Thank you x

  4. zoey says:

    Please let me know what you think after you watch it. I found it to be original and compelling.

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