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If you need an entertainment writer, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a little about me:

  • I’ve been writing for the web since late 2009. I run several blogs of my own, and I also wrote for other blogs and websites such as Single Grain, Coed,  Freelance Switch and Make a Living Writing.  You can check my portfolio here.
  • Because I run my own blogs, I am more than familiar with the concepts of blog (&post) promotion, understanding your audience, the importance of targeted traffic and the need to communicate with your audience.
  • I live and breathe movies. I’m always hungry to learn more about how, why, when the movies were made, who made them and who the actors are.
  •  I have tremendous trivia knowledge of actors, movie-makers and musicians.
  • I’m just as into the 80 and the 90s, as well as the 2000s and new films.
  • I am also highly addicted to music (rock in particular).
  • I don’t run out of topics. I single-handedly wrote all the posts (almost 547 and counting) here.


Links to different types of entertainment posts are below:



Award Show Highlights: Golden Globes 2011- The Best of Host Ricky Gervais

Review: The Hangover Part II: The-Not-So-Hilarious Sequel to the Hilarious Hangover

(All with Plot Summaries, Highlights, Reasons to See -or Not to See- the film).

List Post: 20 Reasons to Love Stardust- feat. Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, Robert De Niro & Charlie Cox

Preview: Looking Forward to: Straw Dogs starring James Marsden, Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard

Opinion: Why Movie Taste is Relative feat. Christian Bale, Quentin Tarantion, Ridley Scott & More.



Review: Supernatural starring Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

List Post: 6 Shows and Their Season Finales: Castle, House, Cougar Town, The Mentalist, Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy

Comparison: Castle vs The Mentalist: Comparing Two Addictive Shows



Album review: Year of The Black Rainbow by Coheed and Cambria

Opinion: What do you mean You Haven’t Heard of Metallica?

List post: 4 Good Movies with Awesome Soundtracks: Shoot ‘em up, Jerry Maguire, Reality Bites and Vanilla Sky

News: Gotthard Singer Steve Lee Died!

Cross-Category: Actor Musicians and Musician Actors: Keanu Reeves, Jon Bon Jovi, Kevin Bacon

Concert Review: The Cranberries Istanbul Concert: 22.07.10



Johnny Depp A Kind of Illusion: The Book Review

Burnt Toast by Teri Hatcher: The Book Review



For entertainment posts that I wrote outside the blog, please see my portfolio.

If you think you have an entertainment gig that is right my alley, you can reach me at pinartarhan@windowslive.com, or twitter/zoeyclark.

If you need a writer outside the entertainment topics, you might want to check out my portfolio blog on writing.pinartarhan.com.

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