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Good Behavior starring Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto: Solid Crash Course on Addictive Grey Characters

Good Behavior, Michelle Dockery, juan diego botto

Good Behavior starring Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto.                     Image via gstatic.

Good Behavior– Plot Summary (Minor Spoilers for Episode 1)

Letty (Michelle Dockery) is a beautiful mess. She’s an ex-con, a drug addict and a thief. She’s not allowed to see her son, her mother hates her, and she has to hold disgusting jobs if she wants to stay straight.

Javier (Juan Diego Botto) is a handsome, efficient hitman who just happens to be one of Letty’s theft victims. When she overhears what he is, she decides to try and save his target. She meets him, has a great date with him and has a wild night of sex. If you didn’t know his job, you could easily develop a crush.

Letty is not a hero. She doesn’t even make a great escapee. When her mother doesn’t allow her to see his son, she goes off the rails. Javier could easily kill her, but he has other plans…

Spoilers and Praises Ahead

We have a hitman who might have a soft spot for a woman he had sex with, who doesn’t do drugs and saves the woman’s life – and then recruits her for a trickier job. He doesn’t seem to be a total psychopath, and you can definitely forgive him (when you hear the reason) for job 2.

Letty is both drawn to and repulsed by him. Her escape attempts are useless, and she does need him to stay alive.

But not all murders are perfect, and we have one of the weirdest, most curious and engaging road trips ahead, including dead bodies, sexual chemistry off the charts and a Tesla running out of battery…

It’s an interesting show.

The acting is top-notch, and I don’t think we had grayer protagonists. What is interesting to note about Javier is that he seems totally against the idea of harming a child. He never once threatens to hurt Letty’s son. He doesn’t even threaten to kill Letty. He just says he will find her.

Then we have Letty’s parole officer who has his own addiction and demons to battle, a stupid eager beaver barking around and the past of Javier to discover.

I’m totally addicted. I watched the first three episodes in a row.


Good Behavior is a new show airing on TNT. It was created by Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch.





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