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Firewall starring Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen and Paul Bettany

Firewall starring Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen and Paul Bettany

Firewall starring Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen and Paul Bettany. Image from:

Consider yourselves warned. This movie will not surprise you. You will get the ending you always do. That being said, it is just not a bad movie.

After a movie, I usually cruise through IMDB boards and check out what the other folks are saying. It’s quite amusing. No matter what the movie, you will find people that had a good time, that hated it and that just don’t really care. Some people think Harrison Ford should stop acting (in action films).  Because he is too old. Yeah, I know. People would love to manage actors’ careers…

OK. Enough with the gossip and the sarcasm. I did warn you that this is a predictable movie. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s entertaining:

Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) is a happily married man with 2 kids, aged 8 and 14. His wife (Virginia Madsen) is a beautiful architect and the marriage is great. His only problem is the merger his bank is going through but it is nothing he can’t handle. His life gets very difficult and complicated, however, when his best friend Harry (Robert Forster) introduces him to a businessman (Paul Bettany). Jack is a security specialist working at the large bank. The “businessman” makes him an offer and as Jack leaves to get home, he finds the businessman in his car. His name is Cox, he wants $100,000,000 from the bank. He also has taken his family hostage. From then on, it is a matter of life and death. Jack tries to outsmart Cox, and every time he fails, Cox proves that he is not kidding. So Jack needs to rob the bank he is protecting – and this robbery is a lot more technological and a lot less physical than the robberies we are used to…

It is not a masterpiece. It doesn’t have surprises. Still, I liked watching Jack finding a way to pull the stunts off. I had fun. The fun isn’t in trying to figure out whether Harrison will save his family. It’s in more how psycho the villain can get and how Jack can steal that much money, cover Cox’s track. And let’s face it, Bettany makes a fine villain. You might recgonize Jack’s secretary Janet (Mary Lynn Rajskub) as she has helped out Jack Bauer more than once in the series 24.

And why would people think Harrison is too old for this role is beyond me. It is not like he is playing Clive Owen’s part in Shoot Them Up or Gerard Butler’s in 300! He is trapped, he needs to save three members of his family. Anyone’s adrenaline would be pumped up. Watch it if you enjoy a typical thriller/action and like Bettany and Ford. By the way, remind me, did Harrison Ford ever play a villain?

5.8 on IMDB. I’ll give it a 6.Let me know what you think.

P.S. I read that Harrison Ford declined to play in Schindler’s List, claiming his stardom would get in the way of the message of the movie. I am glad Liam Neeson has the title role but what do you think about Harrsion’s remark? Do you think he is right? Or just cocky?



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