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Blink starring Madeleine Stowe & Aidan Quinn

Blink starring Madeleine Stowe & Aidan Quinn

Blink starring Madeleine Stowe & Aidan Quinn. Featuring Sex and The City’s Richard Wright- James Remar.

Emma (Madeleine Stowe) is a young and beautiful violinist who was blinded at a very young age by her own mother. She plays in a band with her friends and takes care of herself with the help of her dog.

On a night out with his cop buddies, police detective John Hallstrom (Aidan Quinn) doesn’t come off as the most sensitive guy when he makes a bet with his friends that he can get Emma’s attention. He doesn’t notice she is blind, so he even goes as far to have a stripping session in front of her band.

After Emma gets an eye surgery, she goes through complications: her sight is often blurry and her brain doesn’t always process the images the moment she sees them. To make matters worse, Emma hears a strange noise one night from her apartment building. When she goes to the police station to explain, John and his friends don’t really take her seriously…until they realize that a murder has taken place. It is the work of a serial killer and the victim is Emma’s neighbor.

It doesn’t help matters that their only witness is a formerly-blind woman with a confusing sight. But John is determined to solve this case and he is growing more attracted to Emma as time passes. But under the circumstances, can this relationship have a future?


Blink is a really fun and harmless romantic thriller from 1994. Granted, it is not the most original storyline, but it wasn’t so tired in 1994. Yes, it was the 90s and you have your usual passionate love story (and obviously the sex scenes) along with the psychotic killer. But I like the 90s vibe of the film, and I really like seeing Aidan Quinn & Madeleine Stowe so young, and sharing the screen time. As they got older, they didn’t star in the movies often so this is a great one for their fans.

Written by Dana Stevens (City of Angels, Life or Something Like It) and directed by Michael Apted (Nell, The World is not Enough).

Fun note: Co-starring is James Remar, as a fellow cop/John’s friends on the case. Sex and the City fans will remember James as Richard Wright – the rich and cool businessman who Samantha Jones fell in love with. And got her heart broken over. And The Vampire Diaries watchers saw James Remar as Giuseppe Salvatore, father of Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

Favorite Line:

Emma’s friend (after the concert, on Hallstrom’s stripping): He gave everyone a big anatomy lesson.

Emma: How big?

The Trailer

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