About the Blog

This is an entertainment blog. It aims to entertain, and inform about all things movies and TV shows (that includes stories, news, trivia about actors, film-makers and other members of the crew), while occasionally adding fun stuff from the world of rock’n’roll and the captivating world of mostly escapist fiction, regardless of the genre.

I don’t watch movies to tear them to pieces later. I love movies, and unless a movie disappoints the hell out of me, totally under-delivers or fails at a lot of things, I’m not going to bash it like the makers committed the crime of the century. Meaning, I am not going to complain about a romantic comedy’s predictable ending, or be mad that an action movie turned out to be mindless.

It is not to say I’m not on the lookout for deep, heart-breaking, perspective-altering, highly original, wish-I-had-been-a-part-of-that-project-in-any-way sort of films. I love those films. I love movie-makers who make those films. But I don’t expect every movie to be that way, and I need mindless entertainment too.

So it is OK not to like whoever you don’t like, and it is OK to like who do. It’s just that no movie fan is superior to other. Except the ones who insult each other, that is just not welcome here.

And finally to quote from Bradley Cooper, Justin Long and Kevin Connolly’s hilarious video,

“What are you so angry about? It’s just a movie.”

Relax. Appreciate the gem, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Fiction is supposed to be fun.

P.S. And while I am only human and occasionally make a comment or two about the private lives of celebrities (an insufficient term I use to include everyone whose work I cover here), I am more interested in the process of making stories come alive and how these people got to be where they are –rather than what/who they did or didn’t do. If I ditched a favorite star of mine because of misdemeanor, I’d be left with only a handful of people, and frankly they could just be a lot better at keeping everything to themselves for all we know. Nobody is perfect, and these people aren’t our life coaches.

About the Blogger

Hi, my name is Pinar, and I’m an absolute movieaholic.The addiction does cover a good TV show too, but movies are the main thing if I have to choose, hence the majority of movie posts over the TV posts.

I’m like a walking, talking imdb-only with passion, more concentrated information and the incentive to create her own work as well. I’m also nuts enough to stop a DVD to confirm a film-related fact before going back to it, and I have been known to watch my favorite movies and scenes a whole lot of times.

But there is a reason I’m so fond of creators as I love to create as well. I’m a freelance writer/blogger who writes about a lot of topics, but movies will always be my foremost passion, followed closely by great books, rock music and highly engaging TV shows like Awake. If you are interested in what else I write, you can check out my writer’s blog Addicted to Writing.

And this movie is a one person blog, so there is only so much ground I can cover. But if you have suggestions and requests, please contact me via zoeyclark on Twitter.

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