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10 Deliciously Dirty Rock (‘N Roll) Songs feat. Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Bryan Adams & More

Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Elvis

Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, AC/DC and more

Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll is the motto and it has certainly inspired more songs than we can count. However we know that rockers sometimes just like to dwell on the sex part. Songs about sex are fun, fast and they feature great electric guitar riffs. Sure there are some exceptions that are sung with a deep voice and would be perfect for foreplay (Elvis, Fever) and not just for dancing or laughs at the concert. Here are some of my favorite mischief songs. They are not in order really. I love them all equally:

1) Def Leppard, All Night

– All Night is on the Euphoria album. Sure the name makes the theme pretty clear and Joe Elliot verges on orgasm with his fun vocals. My friend once asked me what my favorite Def Leppard album was. When I inclined towards Euphoria, he was shocked. Maybe he will understand a bit, now. After all, we are all addicted to entertainment.

“I like a woman who loves to drive, Loves to do it fast, yeah, above 95

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh yeah”

For the lyrics:

To listen:

“All night, I wanna do it
All night, oh give me love baby
All night, I wanna have ya
All night, I want to taste you
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh yeah”

Yep, this song is very good and very naughty indeed.

2) Whitesnake , Would I lie to you

“Hey girl, if you want me, come and get me

Don’t hang around or we could spend the night sleeping alone…”

Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale has adorably cute vocals singing this but come on, let’s face it. When would David ever have to get all so cute so he could get a girl? He was certainly not bad-looking and well, he is a rocker. And I saw him live. Twice. If girls don’t find him that attractive off-stage (including me and my mated), they are dying to “marry” him afterwards. So, yeah, I really wouldn’t keep him begging. Or maybe I would. Could be fun to watch him get creative…

“…If you could change your mind, we could find a night of satin sheet action…”

For the lyrics:

To listen:

“Would I lie to you, should I lie to you? Just to get in your pants…”

3) Bon Jovi, Lay your hands on me

It is not just the lyrics or the vocals… But also “the sound effects”.

Seriously Jon, do you really need to ask?

“If you’re ready, I’m willing and able
Help me lay my cards out on the table
You’re mine and I’m yours for the taking
Right now the rules we made are meant for breaking”



I don’t care how funny Jon’s hair was.

“I’m a fighter, I’m a poet, I’m a preacher
I’ve been to school and baby, I’ve been the teacher
If you show me how to get up off the ground
I can show you how to fly and never ever come back down”

I am sorry fellas, but indie rock will never cut it. And forget the drugs, too. It’s sex, rockn’roll and well…more sex.

4) Alice Cooper, Spark in the dark

“Welcome to the party
It’s only me and you
Tell the world to go away, babe
And I’ll tell you what to do
Come over here and kiss me
I want to pull your hair”

Now, I don’t find Alice Cooper sexy as a guy, obviously. But I love the guy’s music and who is better as mischief and sexy songs than Alice? I salute the Ugly King of Rock!



“We’ll be crawlin’on the floor
Burnin’with the fever
And yellin’out for more
But don’t you write it in your diary, baby
Don’t blab it on the phone
Cuz if your mom and dad find out
They’ll skin me to the bone”

5) Chris Isaak, Baby did a bad, bad thing

Now, Chris isn’t always strictly rockn’roll but this song as “bad” as a good rocknroll songs. I couldn’t find the original video with Laetitia Casta and I looked all over youtube. But thankfully, someone made some combinations.

The song, the video, the voice, the music, Chris, Casta…

This song is pure sex.



The better version (of the song, not the video):

6) Bryan Adams, I wanna be your underwear

Obviously, I couldn’t find a Bryan video for this one. I don’t even know if there is a video. But there is the song with a video attached. I think it is some TV show. Pay attention to the lyrics folks. I love this song.

“I wanna be your T-shirt when it’s wet,

I wanna be the shower when you sweat.

I got to be the tattoo on your skin,

Let me be the bed baby when you climb in”

The Lyrics: Just listen to the song. It is very clear!


“ From your feet up to your hair, more than anything I swear

I wanna be your underwear”

Does it sound gross? Nope. Not when Bryan sings it anyway. Don’t label him as that romantic Canadian who sang “Everything I do, I do it for you”. When he wants to be dirty, trust me, he can be.

7) Poison, Sexual Thing

Kings of glam rock. No other way to put it. They can dress as funny as they want, I don’t freaking care. It is one of their best songs ever. It also has to be the dirtiest, naughtiest “mischief” song and I am addicted to it.

“I welcome you
To the house of sin
Open your mind
And let the games begin

I’m your lust
and I’m your greed
I’m every sick thought
that you ever done dreamed”



8 ) Elvis Presley, Fever

It is not the lyrics, although they help. It is the vocals and the music, mostly. Elvis is just…Everytime I hear this song, I think about foreplay and well…beyond.



9) AC/DC, You shook me all night long

I am talking about rocknroll and being dirty and all that. And you didn’t think I’d leave these guys out, did you?

“She was a fast machine, She kept her motor clean, She was the best damn woman I had ever seen

She had the sightless eyes ,Telling me no lies, Knockin’ me out with those American thighs, Taking more than her share Had me fighting for air She told me to come but I was already there ‘Cause the walls start shaking The earth was quaking My mind was aching And we were making it and you – CHORUS: Shook me all night long Yeah you shook me all night long”



I only got to see a cover band. They were really good. But I want to see the real thing!!!

10) Mötley Crüe, Girls girls girls

I’m a proud, long-term, die-hard Motley fan. And I saw them live. Oh, man! I love this band. They freakin’ rock! Oh, of course they are freaks. But hey, they have always been on the wild side.

“Girls, Girls, Girls
Long legs and burgundy lips
Dancin’ down on Sunset Strip
Red lips, fingertips

Trick or treat-sweet to eat
On Halloween and New Year’s Eve
Yankee girls ya just can’t beat
But they’re the best when they’re off their feet”



There are more dirty and fun songs, people. I’ll keep them comin’.


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9 Responses to “10 Deliciously Dirty Rock (‘N Roll) Songs feat. Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Bryan Adams & More”

  1. yigit says:

    Hah that’s obvious these songs can make horny even a dead man. Sadly, look at this rockn roll deserve to punish. In south (east) America if ye are listening these dudes, ye are a bloody sinner, I always say yeah yeah, are ye really.., oh give me more

  2. Armi says:

    Fantastic but I still insist on Hysteria or Pyromania is their best album. 🙂 If we extend the list, we should mention another DL song which name is called ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ 🙂 When you read the lyrics carefully, you will notice that they have a hidden message! Some part of lyrics are below.

    C’mon, take a bottle, shake it up
    Break the bubble, break it up

    Pour some sugar on me
    Ooh, in the name of love
    Pour some sugar on me
    C’mon fire me up
    Pour your sugar on me
    Oh, I can’t get enough

    I’m hot, sticky sweet
    From my head to my feet yeah”

    P.S: Thats not the point but I want to add Fleetwood Mac’s song ‘You Make Loving Fun’
    I know that they are not as bloody as Heavy Metal Monsters,though! 🙂

    “You, you make loving fun,
    And I don’t have to tell you but you’re the only one.

    You, you make loving fun.
    (It’s all I want to do)
    You, you make loving fun.
    (It’s all i want to do)
    You, you make loving fun.
    (It’s all I want to do)
    You, you make loving fun.
    (It’s all i want to do)”

  3. zoey says:

    Ha, ha trust me as a fan of all these bands/artists and more, I have more songs and I’ll let you know as soon as I publish them 😉

    Thanks for the comments

    p.s: Yeah, I guess we are sinners. I mean, as Bon Jovi sings in one song: “This feels so good, it ought to be illegal” : )

  4. Armi says:

    That sounds magnificent! I recalled two songs more! First from KISS, ‘Lick It Up’. I think that it might be the naughtiest song among them 😛 Second from Warrant, ‘Cherry Pie’. Videoclip links are here, successively: and

  5. zoey says:

    Trust me, mate- this is not the only article I’ll be writing. Thanks for Lick it up!!! I’ll put it. Of course “Pour some sugar on me” will be there. Oh, of course Cherry Pie. Oh, boy- will I be writing 5 articles or more? I don’t care. It is so much fun, it is worth it!

    Thanks for the comment and tune in for more naughty songs!!!

  6. Terrence says:

    fun fact- I read somwhere that “Rock-N’-Roll” used to be that slang word for sex!! That’s part of the reason so many parents in the 50’s abjected to it. Yea, alot of those songs are titillating!! I must say the AC/DC’s “You shook Me all night long” is one of the most well writen songs in Rock, those lyrics just flow!!

  7. zoey says:

    I love AC/ DC- those guys rock. And rock is so much fun. But hey, I think parents in the 80s would have loved Elvis and The Beatles. Look what they had to deal with :d

  8. Dalimite says:

    OMG! i fucking loved Def Leppard – All Night!!! GOD!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)))

  9. lucydiamond says:

    I’m glad. Def Leppard is one of my favorite bands. Have you listened to Slang? It’s also a fun, semi-dirty song.

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